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Staan Saam Boere

Staan Saam Boere

 Opened on November 24, 2013

The main aim of this Petition is to be a central point to exchange information that directly or indirectly influences the lives of White South Africans. This Pertition is not affiliated to any particular group, but does serve as a platform for other organizations or groups  to publish news or related articles to the general public. Membership is open to anyone. Contributions to this site is made by the people for the people and as such this Pertition can not be held responsible or liable for any of the posts. Media on this site is accepted as being in public domain, but should it happen that copyrighted material is used without consent it will be removed on request from original owner.    
So the first thing you would hear when you say the name of this site or talk about what we do here is “Racist”. But if we look at some of the other organizations in SA we will find many groups or organizations that cater for a particular race or group of people. If any other race or group in SA feel threatened by this website they should get help with their insecurities. It is time for the whites of this country to regain their pride and not be ashamed of the color of their skin and their traditions. We are a group of people that by right of birth deserve to be in this country just as much as anybody else. For too long the blame for everything that is wrong in this country was and still is shifted to the whites or apartheid. Black Economic Empowerment is used as a reverse apartheid these days. Young white people that was born after apartheid are refused entry to universities based on the color of their skin. White people are refused jobs. What happened to employing someone because they are the best person for a job, irrespective of the color of their skin? What happened to the idea that hard work gets you to the top in life? These days the color of your skin determine who gets to the top, or not really. What gets you to the top these days in SA is how corrupt you are and who your family is and your political connections.
Stop Farm killing in South Africa
Opened on October 07, 2012

Farm murders in South Africa are both political and racist. White farmers are brutally murdered, some tortured and some have their throats slit after being tortured. It is rare for a white farmer to survive a farm attack, only those that fight back stand a chance while the rest are butchered like animals.

It has now been 14 years since Peter Mokaba invented the “kill the boer, kill the farmer” slogan and it is exactly since then that the farm murders started to escalate. Most white farmers have since fled the country while those that remain are under heavy attack.

Today when the police minister Nathi Mthethwa spoke at the AgriSA conference he had the following ignorant words to say:

“We do not see it as anything else political or racist, we see it as just crime.”

There is a word for all this, it is called clueless. Whether he tries to ignore the facts or blatantly acts like the farm murders are nothing more than crime cant be answered.

14 Years after Mandela joined in and sang “kill the amabulu” the slaughter and genocide against white farmers continue in South Africa.

Last week South Africa saw another gruesome animal like murder of 61 year old Belgian businessman Etienne Cammaerts on his Limpopo farm.
He was found after being kidnapped and murdered.  He was found with his hands and feet tied and his throat slashed at the side of a dam or water pan. His farm vehicle was still at the scene and nothing was stolen. It is speculated that he was hijacked when he went to drop farm workers.

The farm that was in a area marked for “land reform” was thought to be in a safe place as Etienne moved their to escape from the stress.

He and his partner lived on the farm for 6 years before the murder.

Genocide in South Africa continues against white farmers.

Wittes moet meer doen? 100% korrek.

1. Wittes moet meer doen vir wittes as ander rasse.
2. Wittes moet meer bid.
3. Wittes moet meer Bybel lees, Bybestudie doen.
4. Wittes moet meer waarheid soek.
5. Wittes moet meer liefdadigheid teenoor ander wittes doen.
6. Wittes moet meer en net onder wittes Evangelieseer.
7. Wittes moet meer waarheid soek.
8. Wittes moet meer minder tot meer niks vir ander rasse doen.
9. Wittes moet meer hul eie volk se geskiedenis leer.
10. Wittes moet meer net die Korrekte Volkslied sing en wittes moet glad nie "Kosie siek en le, le in Afrika nie.
11. Wittes moet net weer sport tussen wittes beoefen.
12. Wittes moet meer Isoleer en net werk skep vir hul eie ras.



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